• Innovation Strategy

    Quavant's deep product and technology thinking creates innovation strategies that drive growth and give customers the digital experiences they seek
  • Innovation Stuck
    in a Rut?

    Quavant's innovation methods pulls your ideas out of their rut too uncover the solutions customers seek but are unable to articulate...
  • Pieces Not
    Coming Together?

    Quavant's prototyping labs quickly bring ideas to life, enabling early customer feedback to greatly reduce the risk and cost of experimenting with new ideas…
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Welcome to Quavant

A Digital Services Innovation Lab

Quavant is a digital services consulting firm and prototyping lab empowering entrepreneurs, product owners and strategic innovators with the knowledge and resources to get their ideas off the ground and in front of customers quickly.

What We Do


Understand your customer, market and technological environment.


Identify growth opportunities and develop the strategies to captialized on them.


Define product offerings, user experiences and their product development roadmap.


Prototype mobile apps, cloud-based and other digital services to quickly get customer feedback.


Architect and integrate the platforms for deliver the digital services you envision.


Tailored solutions for your markets & use cases atop flexible technology platforms


How We Do It

Thinking Logo

Thinking: Both halves of the innovative brain...

Integrated market-centric and technology-centric thinking resulting in strategies that create the digital experiences customers seek…

Methods Logo

Methods: Systematic & repeatable innovation...

Systematic and repeatable methods pulls ideation out of its rut too uncover the digital experiences customers seek but are unable to articulate...

Labs Logo

Labs: Pull pieces together quickly...

Prototyping labs and fail fast & cheap approach pulls an idea's pieces together quickly to uncover and resolve flaws sooner than later…

Digital services drive growth by employing digital and mobile technologies to offer products that fundamentally transform a user experience and the associated business models. Compared to information technology services which focus reducing costs by improving business support functions. Digital services drive growth by reinventing or creating new user experiences, business models and/or product offerings by eliminating their inherent inefficiencies due to under utilized & monetized assets, poor service access & delivery, high risk profile or other key foundational drivers.

As a Digital Services Innovation Lab, Quavant helps our clients identify these fundamental inefficiencies and devise solutions to overcome them using digital & mobile technologies. In the process reinventing existing business models, product offerings and user experiences to create entirely new ones that drive growth.

Our clients are entrepreneurs, product owners and strategic innovators who have the beginnings of an idea, what we refer to as, "Something In Mind" and are seeking to moving it forward. We provide them the know-how and resources to crystalize their embryonic thought into a defined strategy and product vision and then iteratively develop the technology and product elements into fully realized product offering.